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Restoration & Repair

At some time you may need the services of a restorer as all furniture will need to be put in a workshop at some stage of it's life. Drawers that do not run easily may have worn runners but their life can be prolonged by applying candle wax to the runners and sides of the drawers although there will be a point when they will have to be replaced. Every forty or fifty years, due to normal wear and tear, chairs will become loose and need to be knocked apart, the old glue cleaned off and the joints re-glued and re-assembled. This work must be undertaken once chairs become noticeably loose as at this stage it is a standard restoration task. If left, the chair will get worse, and eventually collapse, possibly breaking joints in the process and incurring extra expense as false tenons will have to be cut to repair the shattered joints.

This is not exhaustive and if you are at all unsure please contact us!








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