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All forms of restoration are undertaken. With a wealth of experience and knowledge, extensive timber breaker stores, antique tools and if required a large research library, all types of restoration from the minor repair to more major projects can be undertaken. This includes marquetry work from the seventeenth to twentieth century.


With an extensive, purpose built polishing shop all types and sizes of furniture can be attended to. With over forty years experience and full understanding of the importance of colour and patination our polishers are able to undertake all tasks from light cleaning, removing marks and stains to repolishing large dining tables or bookcases.


Using only traditional methods and materials, W.J.Cook & Sons are able to upholster to the highest standard with special attention being paid to the correct line. We are also happy to advise on suitable fabrics to suit a particular period or style. We also undertake cane work.


Be it water or oil gilding, attending to localised areas of damage or completely regilding a piece we are happy to advise accordingly. We work closely with clients throughout to ensure that you obtain the finish that you require.


Whether copying a chair to add to a set or making a one off special commission we are able to work to the highest standards and where required, colour and polish to match any existing pieces.


Fire, smoke and flood damage all present unique problems. With a wealth of experience in this field and a history of liaising with insurance companies we are well known in the field of disaster management. We have facilities to arrange collection, storage and climatic stabilisation (furniture that has suffered flood damage often needs to be dried out under controlled conditions to avoid shrinkage and warping).


From small inset leathers to full size desk tops, we are able to offer the client a wide choice of colours and tooling finishes. Only best quality hides are used and our services also include supplying and fitting leather upholstery to chair seats.


Collections and deliveries are made by ourselves in our own vehicles which have been specially fitted out for the transport of antique furniture. On the rare occasion carriers are required we only use a company which specialises in the transport of fine art and antiques.


Before commencement of any work an estimate in writing is supplied. Visits are made to clients and often these can be early morning or evening to fit in with your schedule. We also offer an auction presale estimate service to allow you to know any possible restoration costs to considered lots prior to bidding. In this instance an agreed fee will be charged but this is often waived on successful purchase and acceptance of estimate. Collections direct from the salesroom or warehouse can also be arranged.


We are happy to visit clients and advise on the care of antique furniture and collections. We also offer an in-house waxing service where we can visit, professionally wax and attend to any minor repairs.


We are able to replace missing mounts and galleries including matching or recasting handles using traditional lost wax or sand casting techniques. Locks can be serviced and missing keys cut.

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