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Waxes & Brushes for Sale


Following numerous enquiries over the years about a suitable wax for antique furniture we have now produced for sale, jars and tins of clear and dark furniture wax.

Identical to that used in our restoration workshop, the wax is both easy to use, leaves no streaks nor smears and is ideal for all types of furniture.

It both nourishes the timber and gives it a good lustre with the dark wax being ideal for walnut, rosewood, oak, mahogany and fruitwoods and the clear suiting the lighter timbers such as satinwood, pine and even leather.

When ordered through the post the wax is supplied in tins but the quantity is the same as the jars.


Especially designed for the waxing of furniture, these brushes with their arched shape and handle on top are ideal for burnishing carving and mouldings. Their distinctive shape means that the wooden back does not knock against any carved decoration or mouldings and the cleverly placed handles save knuckles being rapped.

Please contact us for prices and availability.

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